Sour Fruit Balls

Sour Fruit Balls Memories

When I was young we spent nearly entire weekends visiting our various grandparents. My maternal grandmother always had chocolate, but my other grandma truly had the key to my heart. She kept sour balls in her candy jar.  

Every time my husband and I travel I look in nearly every store we visit for these tasty little balls. I've found lots of other great old candies but have been constantly thwarted in my search for sour balls.

The cherry were my favorite, lemon definitely the most potent, and I also liked the lime ones. Actually, I loved them all. Of course now it seems like every other candy that comes out is sour, but they'll never beat the basic old sour balls. ~ Deb from Michigan

Sour Fruit Balls

When I was a young nipper, why I used to eat sour balls as if they were air! Y'know, When I was about 7 my father worked as an engineer for a plastics company. On rare occasion we would be allowed to go to his work and visit for some reason or another. I looked forward to these trips because at the front desk was a jar of sour balls. I would spend the bulk of the time on the trip to his office trying to decide what flavor I wanted to enjoy this time or if I might be lucky enough to be offered two which two flavors would give me the most satisfaction. After a while the woman working at the front desk left the company and so the sour balls stopped, much to my dismay.

But I never stopped looking for them in every office or candy store I would visit. The only other time I found them was a huge jar at a festival. If you guessed how much candy was in the jar you won all the candy in it. I took a solid 20 minutes trying to figure out what my guess would be. After that I never did find them again until I stumbled upon them at! Thank you for bringing back those childhood memories! ~ Lon from Washington

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