Sky Bar

Please note: Sky Bars were discontinued when Necco went out of business. We are optimistic that another company will be making them in the future. Signup for an email alert on a product page if you want to be notified.

Sky Bar History

Sky Bars were first introduced in 1937 by Necco, the makers of Necco Wafers. It was the first molded chocolate bar with 4 distinctly different centers. Each bar consists of four milk chocolate-enrobed sections each with an interior of caramel, vanilla, peanut or fudge.

 Sky Bars were first announced to the public by means of a sky-writing campaign which was a rather dramatic way to introduce a product in the 1930s.

Some of you will probably remember a similar candy bar called Seven Up which was made by the Trudeau Candy Company of St. Paul, Minnesota and introduced at about the same time. It had seven sections and dark chocolate. Unfortunately it is no longer made. It was purchased by the soft drink company of the same name that decided to discontinue the candy to avoid confusion with the brands.

Sky Bar Memories

Sky Bar

Somehow, Sky Bars had been completely erased from my memory banks until a recent vacation trip found me lured to a shop that specializes in old-time candies. I was wandering around the shop displays, reminiscing about Chuckles and Chunky and Dots, when my gaze fell on a box of Sky Bars. The yellow package! The red lettering! The four chocolate segments pictured on the wrapper! The images jarred long-lost memories and suddenly they all came flooding back.

How could I have forgotten going to the candy store as a young boy in New York and buying Sky Bars? How could I have forgotten the four segments, each with a different flavored filling? How could I have forgotten breaking the segments apart and eating them in ascending order of desirability, from least-favorite peanut to most-coveted fudge? Just seeing the packages started me on a wonderful boyhood trip down memory lane, a trip that became even more poignant when I bought a bar and munched my way back to my childhood. ~ Ken from Florida

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