Satellite Wafers

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We called them Flying Saucers but others say they are Satellite Wafers. Either way they are colored wafers filled with tasty little candy balls of various colors.

Satellite Wafers Memories

My memory is about flying saucer, or satellite wafer candy. My earliest memory of flying saucers were going to my doctors' when I was four, he would give me satellite wafers every time I saw him. Back then, he even made house calls.  

 I remember one time watching him walk down our side walk with his black leather bag. I had giant hives on my knees, what a super visit it was!! I got flying saucers, and purple candy syrup! better known as Dimeatap. As I got older, my grandfather would take my sister and I to a penny candy store in Etna Pa. I would fill my bag with flying saucers and a few candy lipsticks.

As I got older we moved to Mars, Pa. and I continued my "need" for flying saucers. I found a miniature golf course right beside my high school that sold them! Now, I am 42 years old and have 4 sons, one who also acquired my addiction to flying saucers! I can't explain the attraction to them. Maybe the sense of comfort that I felt given from the doctor? also the idea of a candy and a toy put together? maybe the different ritual I go through... sometimes letting them melt on my tongue, or biting the edge all the way around before eating the whole thing! or even splitting them open and eating the candy beads first.

Whatever the reason, I STILL, at age 42 NEED to have flying saucers on occasion and fill a bag and usually eat them all in one sitting! They're so cool!!! ~ Lucy from Pennsylvania

We used to get these at a small store near where my grandparents lived. Growing up as Catholics, we couldn't wait to make our First Communion, we would play "Church" and we used the satellite wafers so we could go to "communion". As we each made our First Communion, we would remember the time that we played church and how we used the Satellite wafers. Now days we order a box of the wafers, divide them up between us and fondly remember what we used them for. ~Cathy from Missouri