Runts are small candies in the shape of fruits and hearts. If you are looking for banana only, try Bananarama.

Runts Candy History

Runts are one of Willy Wonka's early candies, first introduced to kids in 1982. The original flavors were banana, orange, cherry, strawberry and lime. The flavors have changed over the years with banana, orange and strawberry as the only survivors. The current flavors are orange, banana, strawberry, grape, and green apple.

Runts Memories

When I was a child, in Wisconsin. I used to stay up late and eat nothing but runts . Anytime that the snow in Madison was too deep to go to school I would just sit at home and eat runts, my favorite kind was the banana flavor.

One time, near Christmas my mother and father asked me what I wanted for Christmas. So I responded, Runts, mamma I only want are runts for Christmas. SO guess what they did they got me 35 bags of runts and told me that's all I get because that's what I asked for. Well I found out it was just one major joke and it wound up being the best Christmas ever... I got a bike. ~ Joe from Pennsylvania

My brother and I always loved enjoying candy together. We would save our change and buy as much as we could! Runts is one of the candies that we enjoyed the most. We both favored the orange and strawberry flavors the most, so when we bought Runts by the pound, we would try to weed out all the banana so that we only had orange and strawberry to choose from. Then after we got them home, we'd get busy separating them by flavor. Once the task was complete, we would literally take a mortar and pestle and powder them into dust. We would then eat them by the spoonful from a big bowl... It's a wonder that we still have any teeth left at all. ~Daniel from Virginia

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