Root Beer Barrels

Root Beer Barrels Memories

Root Beer Barrels were my choice of candy when I was growing up. My fondest memory is when I was in Junior high school. I have a baby brother who was in kindergarten school which was about a half mile from my school. I walked to school but rode the transit bus home. I would always stop by the campus shop and buy some Root Beer Barrels before I went to get my brother and ride the bus home.  

 He would be there by the fence waiting for me every day and his little eyes would just about pop out before he could get his root beer barrels. He LOVED them and still does. When I visited him last year he brought this up to me that he still remembers those times when I would bring him the candy.

I wanted to get him some for Christmas but could not find them anywhere until I came across your site. I thank you for the opportunity for my brother and me, to once again share those never forgotten fond memories. ~ Sue from North Carolina

Root Beer Barrels

I remember when I was ten years old and I played school baseball. Before every game I would always put a root beer barrel in my mouth and chew it up and the flavor would be in my mouth throughout the game. I felt it gave me the extra push to give 110%.

We only lost one game in our league but that was the day I woke up tired and forgot my root beer barrel. I still don’t know if it was because they were a better team or because I broke game tradition. I really believe the root beer barrels held that much of a significance but that’s just me. Right after the games I would get a root beer barrel as soon as I walked inside my house.

I stop that tradition as soon as I stopped baseball. But 7 years later to this day I started eating them after meals and just savored the great flavor, which I thought was the greatest candy of all time. This just proves to me that I can never grow out of the traditional root beer barrels. ~ Ross from Pennsylvania

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