Rolo History

Rolo is a caramel and chocolate candy with a shape resembling that of a shallow inverted bucket or tub or a traditional lampshade. The name refers to the roll-styled candy. While invented in the UK in 1937 Rolo has been available in the US since 1969.

Rolo Memories

Money was tight when I was a kid. My mother worked, and during the summers that meant that I spent a lot of time taking care of myself when my younger siblings were in day care. My mother would give me 50 cents every few days. I would take it and spend half of it to get into the city pool.

Inside the locker room at the pool was a candy machine. After spending most of the afternoon in the pool I would change clothes in a hurry and go straight to the candy machine to buy Rolos. I always chose them because one tube could last the for the whole walk home. I would just let them melt on my tongue until all of the chocolate was gone and the caramel was gooey enough to chew without requiring a trip to the dentist.

When I eat them now, I remember how much I looked forward to them and how they accompanied me on all of those summer days walking home from the pool. ~ Rae Anne from Colorado

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