Ring Pops

Ring Pops Memories

When I was about seven years old, I still was on the pacifier. I just wouldn’t give it up! Everyone tried to get me off of it, but it was impossible. Being a big second grader, I felt some embarrassment. However, there was no way I was going to give it up!  

 One day, my mom went to the store. She brought home a big bag of something. I was curious. When she wasn’t looking, I took a little peak in the bag. Inside were about twenty. Ring Pops. The next day, I couldn’t find my pacifier. I started to scream! Then I thought of something. Those Ring Pops looked just like a pacifier! So, whenever I had the urge to stick my pacifier in my mouth, I would have a Ring Pop. Eventually, I ate them all. But by that time, I didn’t have any more urges.

Later I learned that this was all my mom’s evil idea. Whenever I see Ring Pops in a store, I’m always tempted to get one and relive those days. ~ Lisa from Wisconsin

I got married with a ring pop ring in august of 2000. This was because my wife and I liked them so much. I used a ring pop when I proposed to her, and when she said yes I gave her the real ring later that night. As we talked over the wedding we decided that we would use ring pops at the wedding because we went through a half of a box on our very first date! We of course got real rings for our wedding rings, but we used the ring pops as a prop. Ring pops have great meaning in our marriage. We ate them on the first date, used them for our wedding, and of course, we have one together every year on our anniversary. ~David from Texas

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