Ribbon Candy

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Ribbon Candy is only available during the Christmas season beginning around September each year. It's one of our favorites and we look forward to it each Christmas season. 

Ribbon Candy Memories

Every Christmas my mother would order the hard ribbon candy from Sears. Christmas time was the only time we had candy. We lived on a farm in Virginia and the ribbon candy was a big treat - - my favorite was the red ribbons and the six (kids) of us would fight over the red ribbons. Now when I eat the ribbon candy I still pick out the red ones first and think of the good times back in the late 1940's. Thanks for the memories. ~ Marie from Arizona

Ribbon candy and Christmas at Aunt Tillie's house bring back memories of the 1960's. Maybe I liked the ribbon candies because they were bigger than any other piece and lasted the longest or maybe I liked them just because they were from Aunt Tillie's candy jar! Or maybe it is the gentle "wave" of the curls that so fascinated me with this pierce of candy - it was more like an art form than something to eat. However, after marveling over it, the sugary taste was a fine memory also! ~ Margaret from Iowa