Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix History

Pixy Stix contents were originally sold as a drink mix in the 1940s but the manufacturer learned that kids were eating the sweet and sour powder right out of the package instead of mixing it with water. In the 1950s the tasty powder was repackaged as Pixy Stix.

Pixy Stix Memories

I was a child of the 70's and grew up in Hurst, Texas just three doors down from a Mr. M's convenience store. During those very long, hot summer days all the kids in the neighborhood would walk down to Mr. M's and buy candy. Everyone had their favorite but my favorite, by far, was Pixy Stix.

The cool girl on the block was Big Michelle. She was 10 and at just 6 I longed for the double-digit days. She'd let me walk with her to Mr. M's. She always bought candy cigarettes and I thought she looked so cool when she "smoked" them. However, this is where my idolization stopped apparently because I wouldn't give up my Pixy Stix...even to be like Big Michelle.

However, I mastered the art of "smoking" them just like Big Michelle smoked her candy cigs. If my mother had ever seen me, she'd have died! ~ Amy from Texas

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