Peanut Butter Bars

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Peanut Butter Bars History

In 1938 a confectionery company began in Lufkin, Texas. Atkinson Candy made use of the Lone Star of Texas and put its name across the middle of a star, this forming the company logo. Originally know for Chick-o-Sticks, the Peanut Butter Bar, was introduced in 1947. It contains a peanut butter honeycombed center with a hard candy jacket.

Peanut Butter Bars Memories

As a small child, my grandfather would take me to ride the little train in Cleveland Park, located in Spartanburg, SC. As my grandfather bought the tickets for the train ride, he would also buy a pocketful of Peanut Butter Bars from the concession stand, which we would eat during this train ride.

This was our special time together and we only ate this candy while riding the train. My grandfather died when I was five or six, but what a lasting, fond memory!! Recently, I took my own children to ride the same (refurbished) train, remembered the "good 'ole days" and dearly wished for some Peanut Butter bars to share with them. I can't see a small train in any location now that I don't remember my grandfather, that little train AND Peanut butter bars. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. ~ Libby from Virginia

One of my favorite memories as a child is sitting in my grandparents kitchen in the early morning as my grandfather got ready for work. He would pack his lunch in a black tin lunch pail and always threw in a handful of Peanut Butter Bars. Then he'd give me a wink and hand me a few! It was our little secret! I always loved the contrast of sweet and peanut butter and have thought fondly of those treats many times over the years. What a delight to find they are still made! ~Terri from New Mexico