Nestle'® Crunch Bar

Nestle' Crunch is milk chocolate with crisped rice in a regular size candy bar. "Music to your mouth."

Nestle' Crunch Bar History

The Nestle Crunch bar came on the market in 1938. Crisped rice is mixed with milk chocolate to produce a crunchy chocolate bar and therefore the name. The name Crunch describes precisely the sound made as one chews a bite of this candy bar.

Nestle' Crunch Bar Memories

Nestle' Crunch Bar

When I was a kid my grandpa used to take us down to Brady's store and we would get a pop and a candy bar. I would chose Nestle Crunch bars a majority the time. They were such a treat and I had a special way of eating them. First I would eat off the square edges and then all the chocolate around the letters and then finally eat the letters one by one. Now every time I eat a Crunch bar I think of my Grandpa and the good times we had together. ~ Anne from South Dakota

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