Nerds Candy

Nerds are small irregularly-shaped candies that come in a variety of flavors and are usually sold in a box that has two separate flavors, each with its own opening. [continued below]

Nerds Candy History

Nerds were first created and then launched in 1983 when Wonka owned the company. Today Nerds are being made by the Nestle' company who bought the brand in 1988. Did you know that Nerds was also a breakfast cereal? See the retro TV commercial below.

Nerds Candy Memories

I immediately think of my little brother when I see a box of Nerds! That was his FAVORITE candy growing up (in the 1980s). I can remember him asking for them when we were in the check out line at the grocery store. Sometimes he would give me some--I always wanted to try them when the box was new--before it got all slobbery and mushy.

I can remember that initial tangy feeling on the sides of my mouth, and the sweet strawberry and other flavors. He would chew them as he ate them, and they made such a loud crunch (I'm surprised he didn't break his teeth...). I preferred to suck off all the flavor. Thanks for such a great site! It brings back so many memories. ~ Kelly from Virginia

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