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Necco Wafers History

NECCO Wafers were introduced as a brand in 1912 but the company has been making candy wafers since Oliver Chase invented the first American candy machine in 1847. NECCO stands for the New England Confectioner Company of Cambridge, Mass.

Necco Wafers Memories

Necco Wafers box

As a youngster growing up in the 50's, our neighborhood had a nearby shopping area with a movie theater. On "haircut" Saturday my Mother would give me a dollar--75 cents for the barber, 15 cents for movie admission; leaving me 10 cents--which always went for two 5 cent rolls of Necco Wafers. I could make the two rolls last through the news reel, previews, cartoon and the feature. Other Saturdays, the money was only a quarter, but it still left enough for my two rolls of Necco Wafers.

Today, I still buy the Necco Wafers (they aren't a nickel any longer) but I buy two rolls at a time and the wafers taste exactly as I remember-- a great way for me to take a nostalgic trip back to my youth and old neighborhood. ~ Wallace from Mississippi

Necco Wafers box

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