Milky Way

Milky Way candy bars are made with rich chocolate, creamy caramel and smooth nougat. The Milky Way Midnight is the new name for the Forever Yours bar.

Milky Way History

The Milky Way bar originated in 1923 after 3 years of research and was the first filled candy bar. It was inspired by the chocolate-malt milkshake that was popular at the time. The first advertising slogan was, "A Chocolate Malted Milk in a Candy Bar." It was an instant success.

In 1925, the name Milky Way became a trademark. In 1926, the Milky Way bar was introduced nationally in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, each for a nickel. In 1932, the Milky Way bar was sold as a two piece bar, but just four years later, in 1936, the chocolate and vanilla flavors forever parted.

The vanilla Milky Way bar, which was covered in dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, was renamed the Forever Yours bar. The Forever Yours bar was discontinued in 1979. Due to popular demand, the Forever Yours bar returned in 1989 renamed as the Milky Way Dark bar. In 2000, it was renamed the Milky Way Midnight bar.

Milky Way Memories

Milky Way ad

My two great-grandmothers lived down the street from one another. We would always park at one, and after we had visited for a while, I would be allowed to walk BY MYSELF down the street to the other.

Mamaw always had apples and Milky Way bars in her refrigerator. Of course, she would let you pick which one you wanted, and, naturally, I picked the Milky Way every time. I never eat a refrigerated candy bar to this day without being transported back to that little house that smelled of coal smoke. ~ Mary from Indiana

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