Mamba Fruit Chews

Mamba is a roll of candy with individually wrapped fruit chews in assorted flavors - orange, lemon, raspberry or strawberry.

Mamba Fruit Chews Memories

I can still remember the first time I got these. My folks had dragged my two brothers and me to the Catskills to visit the Grandparents at this awful boarding house. In the little hamlet at the bottom of the hill, there was a general store.  

Our three joys were playing the pinball machine, eating the long pretzel rods and Mamba Fruit Chews. It was perfect: three flavors (Strawberry, Raspberry and Orange (there were never any lemon chews) and each of my brothers and I had our own favorites so there never was a fight.

I've had Star Bursts and Jolly Rancher chews since but the Mamba chews were more subtle in taste and had a great smell. We used to alternate between the salty pretzels and the sweet chews, a masterful combination. As I look back it truly is amazing how such simple things gave so much joy. Recently, for each of my brother's birthdays I got them Mamba Fruit Chews and separated out their favorite flavors. You would have thought I got them Ali Baba's treasure the way their middle-aged faces lit up. ~ Steve from New York

Unfortunately, my mom decided she would get my one year-old son hooked also. As soon as he sees the yellow wrapper and red logo he knows what it is and comes running like a begging puppy. I'm lucky to get two bites of it! Little did my mom know, that she would start a new family tradition. ~ Jennifer from South Carolina

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