Mallo Cups

Mallo Cups are milk chocolate cups with a whipped creamy center and a sprinkle of coconut. There are 2 cups per package in the standard size. Yes, they still come with the coupons and you can still redeem them (see below). Mallo Cups History Mallo Cups candy is a classic confe...

Mallo Cups are milk chocolate cups with a whipped creamy center and a sprinkle of coconut. There are 2 cups per package in the standard size. Yes, they still come with the coupons and you can still redeem them (see below).

Mallo Cups History

Mallo Cups candy is a classic confectionery treat that has delighted candy lovers for generations. Known for its unique combination of milk chocolate, marshmallow filling, and a distinctive cup shape, Mallo Cups have become a beloved candy in the United States. Let's explore the history of Mallo Cups candy.

The story of Mallo Cups dates back to the early 20th century when the Boyer Brothers Candy Company was founded in 1936 by brothers Bill and Bob Boyer. The Boyer Brothers had a passion for creating delicious candies, and they set out to develop a unique treat that would stand out in the confectionery market.

In 1949, the Boyer Brothers Candy Company introduced Mallo Cups, their signature candy. Mallo Cups were the first cup-shaped candy to be produced in the United States. The candy consists of a milk chocolate cup filled with a sweet, creamy marshmallow center.

The distinctive cup shape of Mallo Cups was achieved by molding the milk chocolate around a small paper cup, creating a sturdy and edible vessel for the marshmallow filling. The marshmallow center is made using a proprietary recipe that gives it a smooth and fluffy texture, complementing the rich chocolate coating.

Mallo Cups quickly gained popularity among candy lovers, offering a unique and delightful combination of flavors and textures. The smooth and creamy milk chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweet and fluffy marshmallow filling, creating a harmonious taste experience.

Over the years, Mallo Cups have maintained their original recipe and design, remaining true to the classic candy that first captured the hearts of consumers. The distinctive yellow packaging with a smiling boy wearing a chef's hat has become an iconic symbol associated with the brand.

In 1984, the Boyer Brothers Candy Company was acquired by the American Maize Products Company, which later changed its name to the Boyer Candy Company to honor the brand's heritage. The Boyer Candy Company continues to produce and distribute Mallo Cups, ensuring the availability and enjoyment of this beloved candy.

Today, Mallo Cups can be found in various sizes and packaging formats, from individual cups to multipacks, catering to different preferences and occasions. While Mallo Cups remain a popular choice among candy enthusiasts, they have also become a nostalgic treat, evoking memories of simpler times and childhood indulgences.

The enduring appeal of Mallo Cups lies in their delightful combination of flavors, their distinct cup shape, and the nostalgia they evoke. They continue to be enjoyed by generations of candy lovers, bringing a moment of sweetness and joy to those who indulge in their delectable combination of chocolate and marshmallow.

Mallo Cups hold a special place in the confectionery landscape, offering a unique and cherished candy experience. Their long history, commitment to quality, and timeless appeal have solidified their status as a beloved candy choice, ensuring their place in the hearts and taste buds of candy enthusiasts for years to come.

Mallo Cups Memories

Back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, our corner grocery had a nice variety of candy bars and bags. The grocer charged a nickel each but sold us 6 for a quarter. I remember biting into a Mallo Cup and all the marshmallowy, creamy, goodness with a bit of coconut in there, surrounded by milk chocolate.

Mallo Cups box

Of course, Mallo Cups had "money" inside printed on cardboard. From a penny to a dollar. Once you saved $10, you could send away for a whole CARTON of Mallo Cups! It was a kids' wildest dream (and a parent's worst nightmare - tooth decay).

It took so long to save the coins, but one particular summer, I started saving in earnest. Some of my friends couldn't be bothered, so I asked for their money. Finally, I was less than $3.00 from the total and had 15 cents and went to the store with a friend. He said, "Let me pick the ones out."

"OK", I said. I watched as he pointed out 3 Mallo cups from the stack of candy on the shelf. We had just walked out the door and I opened the first one, and Wow! It was a Mallo Cup Dollar bill!!  I gave him one to say thanks, and there was 50 cents! I was going to save the last cup for later, but tore into it and I couldn't believe my eyes...It was ANOTHER Mallo Cup $1.00  bill! I made it!

The next day, with papers covered with taped on Mallo coins and bills, I put it into an envelope, and a few stamps and handed it to our mailman. Now the long wait began!

About 2-3 weeks later, mom said I had a package in the mail. I tore it open and it was like hitting the lottery (for a kid) and I stood face-to-face with a CARTON of creamy smooth Mallo Cups, and they each had more money in them. What a summer to remember! I still love Mallo Cups, but, alas, the days of collecting the Mallo Money have gone...along with my childhood. ~ Ken from South Carolina