Lunch Boxes with Candy

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Metal Lunch Boxes filled with Candy you ate as a kid.® Purchase just the lunch box or fill it with your choice of the following:

  • Premium Candy Assortment: over 30 of our most popular old time candies.
  • Penny Candy Assortment: over 100 popular penny candies, gums and suckers.
  • Single Bulk Candies: 2 lb bags of bulk candy; 11 kinds from which to choose.
  • Lunch Box Only: no candy included. Order 3lb Bulk Candy bags on our bulk candy page.

These candy-filled lunch boxes make great gifts. Recreate a memory for yourself or start one for someone else.  Whether you eat in a school lunchroom or a boardroom, with these candy-filled lunch boxes you’ll be able to trade for whatever you want.