Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip)


Fun Dip is a candy manufactured by The Willy Wonka Candy Company which is a brand owned by Nestlé. The candy has been on the market since the 1940s and was originally called Lik-M-Aid which did not come with a dipping stick. It was originally manufactured by Sunline, Inc, through their Sunmark Brands division, which was purchased by Nestlé in 1989. The candy was then renamed Fun Dip and added to the Willy Wonka product line.

Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip) Memories

Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip)

My brother Dan is only 2 1/2 years younger than me, so we played together a lot, and we were often friends with our friends' siblings. My friend Meghan, her brother/Dan's friend Ethan, Dan, and I were always trying to come up with a way to make money. Usually I came up with the ideas, everybody else came up with the plan of action, and we all worked together.

Some of our more original ideas were a "plants and lemonade stand" and selling homemade potpourri door-to-door. One that never quite got off the ground was coming up with our own candy company. We all loved Lik-M-Aid fun dip, and we brainstormed a way to come up with our own version. The dip itself was easy--sugar and Kool-Aid. The dipping stick itself, however, proved to be a challenge for all of us. Among the ideas suggested was Super-gluing sugar together. We never did get around to trying that, thankfully. But we did eat a lot of candy for research purposes! ~ Becky from Indiana

Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip)

Growing up in a small town with a general store right down the street was very convenient and lots of fun! Every Friday, I think it must have been my father's payday, Dad would give each of his four children a quarter and send us to the store to pick out a treat. I always chose Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip. I LOVED that candy and still enjoy it as treat now and then - like when I buy it for my own kids! My sisters and brother always finished their treats long before I did and wanted me to share mine with them. I never did. Maybe it was selfish of me, but I still like to keep and savor each flavor. That's why to this day I make sure everyone has their own! Does that mean I'm still a kid? ~Crystal from West Virginia

Vintage Fun Dip candy wrapper image provided by The Candy Wrapper Museum. Used with permission.

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