Ice Cube Chocolates

Chocolate Ice Cubes are German-made, bite-size chocolate candies with a really smooth, icy taste.

Ice Cube Chocolates Memories

When me and my sisters and brother were little my parents would go out and leave us with our teenaged cousin. After the first time she watched us, she knew she had to devise a way to keep us occupied.

So every time after that she would have us go on a scavenger hunt. She would leave little clues all around the house like "This is where it rains inside" (the shower) or "I scream when I get really hot" (the teapot). Each clue would lead us closer to the treasure. No matter which route the hunt took it always ended in the same place - the freezer. Our cousin would load up the ice cube tray with "Ice Cubes" chocolate.

Needless to say, we loved it when she babysat but our parents weren't to happy that we were hopped up on chocolate! ~ Theresa from New York

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