Honeycombed Peanuts

Honeycombed Peanuts are individually wrapped, peanut shaped hard candies with a soft center made with real peanut butter.

Honeycombed Peanuts Memories

As kids, my brothers and I lived on peanut butter sandwiches. Our mom said that as long as there was a jar of peanut butter in the house, we'd never starve. To my delight, there was a candy that fulfilled all of my peanut butter fantasies.

Honeycombed peanuts, with their crunchy sweet peanut butter shell and the yummy surprise filling of actual peanut butter sent us all into eye-rolling, lip-smacking ecstasy.

My mom used them to her advantage, bribing us to keep quiet, or sit still, all for that promise of peanut butter delight! Our minister probably wondered why we always had peanut butter breath after church! ~ Dana from Nebraska

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