Honees, which have a honey hard candy shell, are filled with pure liquid honey. Each bar contains nine individually wrapped Honees candies.

Honees Memories

The first time I ever had a Honee was when I was five years old in 1969 and had to go to the hospital for an ear infection. I was crying, acting up and quite a handful for my poor mother in that waiting room, until a grandmotherly lady approached us and said, "Here! What's all this fuss about? If you'll behave and stop crying, I'll give you a Honee."

Seeing the bright, honeybee-festooned package was all that was needed to capture my attention. As soon as I tasted that wonderful candy, I soon forgot about having to see the doctor and immediately quieted down. Now, whenever I taste Honees, I am immediately taken back to 1969 and that bleak, rainy day, which was made all the better because of the quick thinking of that stranger.

She, like my dear mother, has probably since passed away, but I was always reminded of her whenever my mother produced a package of Honees from her handbag, which she too carried with her from that day to her last. ~ George from Illinois

My grandmother always had these in her purse and would give them to us when we had a sore throat. Every once in a while, I would fake a sore throat just to get one. It was often difficult to wait until the candy melted to get to the sweet center, but...oh, it was soooo good! Now when I eat them, they taste sweeter than ever because they bring back sweet memories of my "Abuela". ~Christina from North Carolina

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