Heath Toffee Bar

Heath Bar History

The Heath brothers opened its doors on January 7, 1914 in Robinson, IL. The confectionery did very well selling fountain drinks, ice cream and homemade candies. In 1915, L.S. Heath joined his sons in the family venture and the confectionery shop was expanded by adding new items on a regular basis.

During this period of time salesmen from all over the Midwest made stops at the shop. One such salesman got to know the Heath Brothers and began to share recipes with them.

The most popular recipe he shared was for "Trail-Toffee" carried from an enterprise operated by some Greek candy-makers in Champaign, Illinois. The Heath brothers took this recipe and developed it further. After several months of trial and error, the brothers declared their formula for "English Toffee" to be "America's Finest." The year was 1928.

Heath Bar Memories

Growing up in Robinson Illinois, I was fortunate to be able to eat Heath Toffee Bars at an early age. Having little money, it was a real treat for us to be able to get a candy bar, so we chose Heath.

My grandmother lived only two blocks from the Heath factory where they made dairy products and excelled at making ice cream. We would always eat the chocolate from the toffee and then eat the toffee.

Now, 50 some years later, I still eat Heath candy bars, and eat them the same way. While I was in the Marine Corps, I traveled around the world, and everywhere I went, I could find Heath candy bars. I have always been proud of my home town, and will never forget my favorite candy bar, Heath! ~ Jerry from Oklahoma

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