Good & Plenty

Good and Plenty, soft and chewy licorice candy with a hard candy shell. Do you remember the "Choo Choo Charlie" commercials on your black and white TV? Good & Plenty... Plenty Good! [continued below]

Good & Plenty History

Good and Plenty candy was first produced by the Quaker City Confection Company in Philadelphia in 1893 and is the oldest branded candy in the United States. Choo Choo Charlie, the engineer who fueled his train with Good & Plenty, first appeared in advertisements in 1950.

Good & Plenty Memories

Good & Plenty ad

Back when I was young it was common for two or three generations of families to live in the same house. Ours was one of those. My grandma and grandpa loved to garden and in the summertime we had more fresh produce than our family and all our neighbors could eat.

I was, of course, a child and I would rather eat candy than vegetables one candy in particular. I had a raging passion for Good and Plenty. The only way my grandma could get me to eat my vegetables was to say "boy-them vegetables are good and plenty and if you eat them you can have some Good and Plenty". I worked every time!! To this day I will eat all my vegetables and think of her and then reach for the Good and Plenty. ~ Jack from Missouri

Every Saturday my brothers and I would go to a double feature matinée. I guess my parents needed some peace and quiet. I would save my allowance so I would have enough money to buy a box of Good and Plenty and a slushy. My brother would always finish his candy first, and ask for some of mine. Sometimes I would share, sometimes I wouldn't. I can't afford double feature matinees every Saturday anymore, but I still manage to get my Good and Plenty! ~ Becky from Pennsylvania

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