Goobers are fresh roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate.They are not to be confused with Gomer Pyle's brother by the same name.

Goobers History

Goober, a southern word for peanut, made its way as a trademark for a product the Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate & Cocoa Company began manufacturing in 1925. The Blumenthal family had originated in North Carolina, and Goobers was a natural name for the milk chocolate-covered peanuts they began to make. Today they are made by Nestle'.

Goobers Memories

Sometimes during the summer months in the mid to late 60's when I was 8 or 9 years old if my brother and I had been very good all week, our parents would take us to the drive-in on Friday or Saturday night. Our town had 2 drive-ins. One was the Skyview and the other was the Goober.

We would take a picnic supper and after we had eaten all of our supper we were allowed to go to the concession stand to buy something for dessert. I could hardly wait to get my quarter so I could go buy a box of Goobers. Between the movies (it was always a double feature) we would go to the concession stand then down front to the swings. Ahhh! what memories! ~ Kay from Alabama

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