Cry Baby Sour Gum & Candy

If you are looking for extra sour candy and gum, Cry Baby will not let you down. It's sure to put a pucker on your face.

Cry Baby Memories

Wow- the memories associated with this candy sure do take me back! I grew up in Port Huron Michigan for the first 11 years of my life and then moved to Fraser Michigan when my Mom got married.

I have a little sister Molly- and we used to ride our bikes up to the 7-11 near our house and buy as many pieces of Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum as we could afford. We would take it to the park and dare each other to eat pieces, until our faces were so puckered we couldn't stand it anymore! I can specifically remember eating about 3 pieces of the apple and feeling like I just couldn't take it anymore.... I was going to have to spit it out- but wait, then she'd win! Chewing the sour gum for long lengths of time was like a trophy!

Looking back on it these were some of my fondest memories, time cherished with the kid sister that's now grown. Geez- now I think I need to order some and ship all the apple pieces to my sister- with a little tag: I dare YOU! ~ Sarah from Michigan

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