Cow Tales

Cow Tales Memories

I grew up in the middle of rural Iowa, we were miles from anywhere. So when we got to go to town it was really a big treat. I remember going out in the cow pasture to met my grandfather on the way back from his daily walks.

I think he must have been 8 feet tall, anyway that's the way I remember. When he was feeling good, and in a good mood, he would lean down and ask me if I had been a good girl that day. of course I always was good!!! Then he would give me a cow tale stick, or if he had none he would give me a few pennies to save for the next time that I got to go to town.

I would be so rich that I could buy my own cow tales. They were always so sweet and creamy in my mouth. Sometimes I would even give my grandfather a little piece. I sure loved those cow tales, and this candy always brings back warm loving memories. Thank you!! ~ Lousena from Texas

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