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My nonna, was a beautiful, loving, short Italian woman. Nearly everything in her home was made by her tiny, but incredibly strong hands. I spent so many days in her San Francisco Victorian home in the Mission District learning everything I could from this amazing woman.

One of the rare, store-bought edibles she always had was a bowl of Coffee Rio Original Roast hard candies in the dining room. I remember sneaking them one after another when she wasn't looking to keep the bittersweet taste in my mouth as long as I could in between delicious homemade Italian meals. ~Meghan from California

When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, NY, we visited my grandparents often--they lived in Forest Hills. My grandmother always had a porcelain flowered candy dish filled with coffee rio’s on the coffee table in the living room. They were my favorites, and I could never wait--when we arrived I went straight to the candy dish and took a handful. When I got older and she wasn't able to keep up, I thought they were lost forever. Recently I attended a gathering at a friend's house, and there on the coffee table were candies that looked just like the ones at my grandmother's house. The second I tasted one, the whole era of my childhood visits came back to me in sensuous delight. What a thrill to have found them again after all these years! ~Judith from New York