Clove Gum

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Clove Gum History

Clove gum, a chewing gum that is flavored with cloves, was first manufactured by the Thomas Adams Company in 1914. Many people believe its popularity increased as people used this strong smelling gum to cover the smell of alcohol during prohibition.

Clove Gum Memories

I remember I used to get Clove Gum for 10 cents and I loved the taste of it. I would run to our local drug store and there it was on the candy rack waiting for me. I would chew one piece after another till I had a wad in my mouth. Never could get enough of this Gum taste! I got my Best Buddy Ronnie hooked on this Gum and we would fight over it when there was 1 left. Them memories are so fun to think about. ~ Michelle from Michigan