Clark Bar

Clark Bar History

David L. Clark opened his small candy business in Pittsburgh in 1886. He did everything featuring manufacturing, selling, delivering and bookkeeping. By 1917, when the US entered World War I, the D. L. Clark Company was making many types of candies.

Soldiers liked and wanted the popular candy, so that year David Clark came out with his first five-cent candy bar. It was originally called simply Clark, but it was the same bar we know today as the Clark bar. The ingredients, honeycombed ground roasted peanuts, covered with milk chocolate, became a favorite as soon as Clark hit the marketplace.

Clark Bar Memories

Clark Bar box

When I was a child, we lived in the country. A big treat was getting to go to town with one or both of my parents. One time, while 'helping' my dad build a picnic table, I became fascinated and enamored of the smell of the wood being cut, and the appearance of the sawdust.

When I got the chance to go with my mother to town to the laundromat, I was promised that if I was good, I could have a bottle of pop (a rare treat) and maybe a candy bar. When I fulfilled my end of the bargain by behaving, I was rewarded with a trip to the vending machines at the laundry.

I chose Tom and Joyce Grape pop and I tried to describe to my mom that I wanted the candy bar that had 'wood' inside it. After puzzling for a few minutes, she realized I was talking about the inside of a Clark bar, which to a four-year-old, resembled sawdust, that savory-smelling substance that my Dad had made. I enjoyed my heavenly treat and my mom enjoyed telling my dad about my description of it. ~ Michelle from Indiana

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