Circus Peanuts

Marshmallow Circus Peanuts were invented in the 1800's. These orange, peanut-shaped candies have been produced by many confectionery manufacturers over the years. They were originally introduced as candy items in the then dominant 5 cent and 10 cent variety stores. [continued below]

Circus Peanuts Candy History

Many other unwrapped penny candies were also available. The product at that time was considered a spring seasonal item. However, with the development of polyethylene film in the late 1940's, it became possible to offer Circus Peanuts on a year-round basis.

What Flavor are Circus Peanuts?

These marshmallow peanuts have a unique, banana flavor.

Circus Peanuts Memories

I remember when I was five years old and every Sunday my dad took me and my brother to church. After church my dad would take us next door to the church to the corner store which was built in 1898. Oh boy!!!! They had all sorts of candy, everything you named it was like paradise. But one candy, just took my eyes and there it was "Circus Peanuts", oh how I could just remember I thought I was the most special kid in the world.

The orange candy soft, full of flavor and yummy! The circus clown on the front of the bag , just put a smile to my face and a memory to remember. Today I still enjoy these circus peanuts. Believe me, if you try them , they would get you begging for me with your mouth drooling just thinking about them. ~ Linda from New York

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