Cinnamon Disks

Cinnamon Disks Memories

I remember going to my grandma's house when I was a little girl. She always had a candy jar on the table with which I was more than welcome to. I remember leaning my little body over the large wood and plastic covered table to get the jar which always "stuck" to the plastic protective table cloth.

I would then open the lid and inspect what candies were awaiting my savor today. My most favorite well to be honest has to be cinnamon flavored candies, today I have rediscovered my hilarious love of cinnamon thanks to local gas stations.

Cinnamon disks were the main choice of the cinnamon family, they weren't too hot because at that age I didn't prefer the strong flavor of fireballs yet, Although I would eat handfuls of red hots (Which is what I’m doing as I type this LOL!) I also would eat packs and packs of Big Red Gum. Now today I stuff fireballs and red hots and Big Red into my mouth. I just adore cinnamon its a great flavor! ~Haley from Virginia

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