Charleston Chew

Charleston Chew History

Donley Cross was a Shakespearean actor performing before audiences in San Francisco in the early 1900s. During one performance, Cross fell off the stage, injuring his back. The injury ended Cross’s acting career so he looked for other fields to conquer. In partnership with Charlie Fox, Cross opened the Fox-Cross Candy Company in Emeryville, across the bar from San Francisco in 1920 with a candy bar called the Nu Chu. [continued below]

Frozen Charleston Chews

Charleston Chews were one of the earliest candy bars to capitalize on the use of the freezer in a home refrigerator. Many a Charleston Chews lover has enjoyed their treat by freezing and then smacking it on a hard surface to create many bit-sized pieces. Freezing the candy kept it chewing made made it a little less goopy and more manageable to eat.

The shape of the bar has changed a bit over time but the delectable ingredients taste just as great as the did over 80 years ago. They have a chewy flavored nougat with a delicious chocolatey coating. Ownership of the company has changed several times over the years but today, Charleston Chews are made by the tootsie company and come in three delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Charleston Chew Memories

Charleston ChewWhenever I came home from college to visit my brother in high school, we would always go out late at night to stores that were open and buy a Charleston Chew! Then we would sit in the care and savor it and discuss how delicious it was, always saving some so we could take it home and freeze it.

The Charleston Chew became such a fixture of our relationship that my brother even brought a box of the mini Charleston chews with him to his high school graduation! When one of the principals asked him what was in his pocket (they were trying to stop the kids from bringing in beach balls) he said, "Oh, it's a box of Charleston Chews." and the principal said, "Oh, I love those, go ahead and bring them in!" So my brother ate Charleston Chews all through his graduation ceremony! ~ Chelsea from Iowa

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