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Caramels Memories

Back during WWII, my mother and I lived in a quiet Philadelphia, PA neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else. Neighbors swept their leaves into piles in the fall and then we children jumped and played in them listening to the crunchy sound of leaves under our feet and torsos. Later in the day, men would come out of their homes and burn the leaves giving the air the most wonderful aroma.

We had a neighbor man who always had a pocketful of caramel Cubes. There was one for every child who came near him. Naturally, he always had a flock of us around. Sadly, we can no longer burn leaves because of the damage it may cause. But we can still enjoy those same caramel Cubes. ~ Susan from Pennsylvania

I am an adopted child, and I remember that my new mom always had a ziploc bag of these in her purse. Passing me one of these candies was her first act of kindness when I joined her home! It seemed she carried them just for me and she always made giving me one a special, pleasant moment that just us shared. Usually if we were out and about on errands she would let me have one or two, but usually by Tuesday that little baggie was empty!

When I got older, I realized that she was a diabetic and that I was eating her sugar stash, so I tried to only ask for one a day, but she never hesitated to share with me, and that special feeling never dissipated. My favorite is the Caramel one, next is Raspberry. I had never had anything like that candy before I found my forever home! ~Sandy from Georgia