Candy Buttons on Paper Tape

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Candy Buttons Memories

Candy buttons on the paper card were always a treat for those of us who liked to play "hospital." If I somehow got some of them, I would round up a couple other children - someone always had one of those little plastic "doctor's bags" that contained a play stethoscope, a headband with a funny mirror, and a pretend syringe. We'd stuff the candy buttons in the bag, and the doctor would make rounds.

Sometimes, we would get a roll of toilet paper to make pretend bandages around an arm or leg. The doctor would dispense pills of the various colors depending on the severity of the patient's pain. Red pills were for one thing, yellow for something else. Sometimes, the doctor would need to pop a pill or two, also. Rounds were made until the candy was gone - then we'd move on to some other game. ~ Annette from Maryland

I was probably about 8 years old the first time I had candy buttons. I had traveled with my family from New York down to North Carolina to meet some extended family members. I had a cousin, Melanie, who was just a bit younger than I was. She introduced me to the little round candy buttons.

I recall sitting up on a concert wall with the sidewalk below us. We just sat there peeling the buttons off the paper and popping them in our mouths. We had such a great time sitting there, eating, talking and getting to know one another. By the time I left, I was really hooked on the candies. I brought some home with me as I didn't know where to find them in New York at the time. ~ CarriAnn from Oklahoma