Canada Mints

Canada Mints were discontinued when Necco went out of business. As a replacement we found Rito Mints. Recently the Spangler Candy Company reintroduced Canada mints under the original brand name and formula, 

Canada Mints first appeared in the Canadian Market during the late 1880’s and found an audience in the United States in 1908. They were first packaged in a 5 cent unit in 1916. Canada Mints remains one of the most popular sugar lozenge mints in the country.

Canada Mints Memories

When my sisters and I were young back in the late 50's and early 60's my father was in the Air Force. He used to wear one of those olive green silky Airmen's jackets with all the many pockets in them. There were pockets inside and outside the jacket and some of them had zippers on them.

Some of the pockets were large and some were small. My father would come home from work and hang his jacket on the banister at the bottom of the steps in our house and in one of the pockets would be a package of the pink Canada mints that we loved. We would have a wonderful time searching through all the pockets in the jacket until we found the mints.

I would always eat mine then and there but my little sister would always save hers for later and we would try to bargain with her to share hers with the rest of us who had already eaten theirs. I still have fond memories of those days and those Canada mints. I tell this story to my daughter who is now an airman herself. Hopefully one day I will have grandchildren who can search their mom's jacket for the mints. ~ Jeanette from West Virginia

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