Butterfinger Candy Bar History

Butterfingers were originally made by the same company (Curtis Candy Company) that made Baby Ruth and quickly became the company's number 2 selling candy bar in the early 1920s.

Both candy bars were made popular by dropping them out of airplanes over major cities by the company's president, Otto Schnering. The company held a public contest to choose the name of the candy which is taken from a slang term used to describe a clumsy person, often in sporting events to describe an athlete who can't hold onto the ball.

Butterfinger Candy Bar Memories

I remember when I was a lad of ten. I was living in Wisconsin at the time. My family and I were on a road trip to see Ed Geins farmhouse, when all of a sudden a deer darted out in front of our car, and the next thing we know our car is out of commission. My mother was pregnant, and my father didn't want to leave her, so it was up to me to walk to a gas station for help.

When I walked into the store the first thing that caught my eye was Butterfinger. I knew that I couldn't possibly carry the gas all the way back to the car, so I figured someone would come by eventually, so I bought Butterfingers with the money instead. A few hours later I got back to the car, with chocolate on my lips and my breath smelling of peanut butter. I could already tell my father was going to give me quite a licking, but it was completely worth it for those delicious Butterfingers. ~ Eric from Pennsylvania

Butterfingers Candy Bar

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