Butter Mints

Butter Mints Memories

I remember Butter Mints(the yellow mints) in a very special way.I would find these mints in a candy dish sitting on the coffee table at my grandparents house when I would visit. Butter Mints were so wonderful to melt in your mouth and enjoy their sweet and creamy goodness. Butter Mints quickly became a favorite of mine as a kid,and as an adult :-) ~ Brad from Florida

Ahh... butter mints. Visiting my aunt and uncle in Florida, we would always go to a restaurant called Holiday House. There was a delicious buffet and many kinds of cake and pie--but yet my favorite part was leaving, when we would each get two or three butter mints, spooned out of a silver ladle, from the glass bowl which "looked like crystal" on the table. Slowly sucking, they would last a few minutes. ~Natasha from Massachusetts

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