Bottle Caps Candy

Bottle Caps Candy Memories

I have a special childhood memory of Bottle Caps. My father worked as a train brakeman out of the local train yard. This job required him to be on the road for three days at a time. He hated being away from his family for so long.

Every time he returned home after being on the rails, he would bring me a surprise. This surprise usually turned out to be a package of Bottle Caps. I was always overjoyed to receive them as it meant my father thought of me while he was away. I never shared them with anyone except my father because they were special. He liked the orange flavored ones.

My father passed away many years ago. I recently came across a package of Bottle Caps. I savored each one quietly. Each taste brought back a memory of my father and the special times we shared over a package of Bottle Caps. ~ Sharon from Alabama

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