Blow Pops

Charms Blow Pops, It's two lollipop treats in one with Charms Blow Pop, a chewy, bubble gum center surrounded by a delicious, fruit-flavored, hard candy shell.

Blow Pops Memories

I remember back when I was in 5th Grade. My friends and I used to sit around and eat Blow Pops. We argued over which one we wanted. I remember walking into class one day with a bag full of them.

The teacher looked at me and thought I was crazy for bringing them into the class cause the school rules were NO GUM OR CANDY ALLOWED IN CLASS.

Well the teacher took them from me and told me to go to the office. I walked in the Principal's office and there he was just a eating them. I said what are you doing? He said "Thank you for the Blow Pop" I said "I never said you could have one" he said "Do you want them back" I said "yes" so he took about 10 from the bag and gave me the bag back and said look these things are good. Just don't get into trouble with them.

So for once I saw the Principal go against his own word about candy in school. That shows blow pops are the best. The best part of them though is just sitting there waiting to get to the gum. I would actually count how many licks it took to get to the center. Well still as of today I don't know the answer to that question. BLOW POPS RULE!! ~ Antwan from Nevada

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