Big Hunk

Big Hunk Candy Bar History

The Big Hunk brand was acquired by Annabelle Candy Company when it purchased the Golden Nugget Candy Company in 1970. The candy bar originated in the 1950s.

Big Hunk Memories

Big Hunk Candy BoxBig Hunk candy has always been a prevalent snack in my household. It is a testament to the love and devotion my parents have shared over the past 30 years. You see, my mother, in a desperate attempt to gain the attention of my evidently dashing father delicately dropped a Big Hunk candy wrapper in his path.

Always the gentleman, my father bent to pick up what she dropped only to be taken aback by the moniker, "Big Hunk." Not thinking the title had anything to do with him, he handed the wrapper to my coyly blushing mother. She knew just what she was doing and succeeded in gaining the attention of her very own Big Hunk. Thus, every anniversary a plate of Big Hunks rests on our kitchen table to celebrate their love. ~ Nancy from Ohio

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