Anise Squares

Anise Squares Memories

Anise squares were a special treat when we visited my grandparents' house in Buffalo, New York. We would spend the night at their house, almost every Saturday night. As a special treat, my Grandfather would give my sister and me a nickel.

We were allowed to walk 'around the block' by ourselves. On the other side of the block was a small corner store. Corner stores are not in evidence, and the ones that are still around do not exist as they were back then. (1950's, early 60's) I would almost shake with the excitement of being able to walk to the store on a sunny day and spend my nickel.

There was a counter full of penny candy to choose from. As young a child as I was, I always took the time to look over each of the candies available for purchase just in case a different one would catch my eye. But always, always, I would end up spending my nickel on anise squares. They were four for a penny so I would end up with a small bag with 20 of these treasures inside.

I would open one piece and such it slowly on my way back to my grandparents' house. Then I would hide my little bag of candy and make it last as long as possible because I never knew if I would have a nickel again the following weekend, or if that would not happen again for a number of weeks. They remain my favorite candy to this day - even more than chocolate! ~ Vicky from Mass.

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