5th Avenue Bar

5th Avenue History

In 1936, William H. Luden, the cough drop maker, created the Fifth Avenue bar which is a combination of peanut butter crunch layers coated with chocolate. The originals had almonds, the new ones do not. The origin of the name seems to be lost to history. Our speculation is that the Mr. Luden was attempting to associate his elegant candy bar with that of fashionable 5th Avenue in New York City.

5th Avenue Memories

5th Avenue Candy Bar Box My mother reaches in her pocket and reads "Fifth Avenue", but it is not her usual candy bar, instead inside this wrapper is a box and in opening the box there was a ring and my dad asked my mother to marry him. My dad explained he wanted my mom to remember that day, so he associated the candy bar with the street where he proposed.

My dad still gives my mother a Fifth Avenue every year for their anniversary, so she knows he remembers and loves that day and so that she can remember the moment, too. ~ Annie from Ohio

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