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We will pack your party favor at no additional charge with the following conditions:

  1. There is a minimum order size of $3.00 per bag. Example: for a 10 bag order you must buy at least $30.00 worth of candy (10 times $3.00 = $30.00). 
  2. There is no minimum number of bags to purchase. We will pack 1 bag or as many as you need. 
  3. Most orders placed by midnight will ship on the next business day. Orders for 25 or more may be delayed a day or so. 
  4. Each bag will contain a small advertising card with our web address on it. 

OK, are you ready to pack? If so, begin by selecting the bag style below where you will also choose the ribbon color. When completed go to the Upack - Select Candy page to select your candy.

If you prefer, call us during east coast business hours for assistance: 1-866-929-5477 ext 21; leave a message if the line goes to voice mail.