1930s Candy

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Although times were tough for Americans living through the Great Depression, we found reasons to stay hopeful in the 1930s.

Building off the momentum of the roaring ’20s, the ’30s saw a surge of wild music across blues, jazz, and swing. It was an era of finding the positive during tough times; of mid-calf skirts and bolero jackets. But no matter how lean things got, we could always look forward to a trip to the store where we might get to fill our pockets with Life Savers (or for the more daring, Red Hots) as a once-in-a-while treat.

Of course, with the 1930s being known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, we were introduced to famous faces that would make an indelible mark on history—Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, and Bela Lugosi all rose to fame. And while we couldn’t go to the movies as often as we can today, we were introduced to many of the same treats that we enjoy in theaters even today. Nonpareils, chewy Caramel Cubes, and Chunky chocolate bars were the must-have sweets for kids of all ages.

And even though the 1930s are long gone, we can still look back fondly on the sweeter side of this uniquely American decade.