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Nestle is a multinational food and drink company founded in 1905 between brothers George and Charles Page, and Henri Nestlé. The global food brand has over 2000 subsidiaries that range from confectioneries to snacks, dairy products to pet food. It’s recognized as the largest publicly held food company in the world.


The Swiss Milk Company That Dominated Confectionery Creations Across the Globe

Before there was Nestle there was the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company founded by George and Charles Page in 1866. What originally started as a condensed milk and baby formula company quickly evolved into a full-fledged confectionery brand with the help of chocolatier, Daniel Peter. Peter, in collaboration with the Cailler family who owned a chocolate factory in Broc, Sweden, began producing large quantities of chocolate that were sold in Europe.

Production expanded to the United States in 1904 with the Fulton Plant in New York. During this time Nestle experienced a massive expansion with the help of large government contracts that required both dairy and chocolate for soldiers during WWI. This doubled Nestle’s production and introduced the brand to many consumers who’d never tasted its chocolate before.

In the 1920’s as those government contracts fell out, the need for large amounts of condensed milk evaporated, Nestle pivoted to chocolate manufacturing which would become the second most important product in the brand’s catalog. While Nestle experienced some ups and downs during WWII, chocolate remained one of its primary products leading to the development of new concepts like Butterfinger and Baby Ruth, both of which were originally created by Curtiss Candy Company and bought by Nestle.

Over time, Nestle expanded its influence over a variety of industries and propelled itself to the top of the market making roughly 9.6 billion in confectionery sales. The Nestle Enterprise is valued at about $397 billion. 

While Nestle is primarily known for its immense range of products, it still holds true to its confectionery roots, producing some of the world’s most popular chocolate candy including Aero, MilkyBar, Baby Ruth, Raisinets, and of course, Nestle Crunch—a personal favorite of ours.


Where is Nestle chocolate made?

  • Nestle chocolate is made all over the world. The Nestle brand flexes an impressive 447 factories, 189 countries, and employs around 339,000 people.

Who started Nestle?

  • Nestle was founded by Anglo-Swiss Milk Company owners George and Charles Page and Henri Nestle. They worked specifically with Daniel Peter to develop the milk chocolate division of the brand that produces some of the most popular chocolate candy to date.

Where can you buy Nestle chocolate?


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