Clark Bar - 2.1 oz bar

Clark Bar - 2.1 oz bar


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Product Details

Clark Bars are chocolate coated peanut butter crunch candy bars. Do you remember the commercial with the giraffe that said, "I want a Clark Bar."
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Candy Memories

It was almost Easter, shortly after the Spanish American War when my mother, Ethel (b. 1897), watched her father, David P. Rogers and his two friends from the war, Uncle Ed Smith and D. L. Clark make candy in her basement near McKeesport, Pennsylvania. This sweet hobby produced a product they called the Bolster Bar, a peanut-butter crunchy candy covered with milk chocolate.As years went on, Uncle Ed bought out my grandfather's interest in the candy business and produced the Bolster Bars officially for public consumption. As fate would have it, D. L. Clark, the "success story" of the three friends, bought out Uncle Ed, and the Clark Bar was born!
Uncle Ed moved West and settled somewhere in California, and the sweet memory of the Clark Bar in its infancy remains in my memory to this day through my momma's stories. She told me how D. L. ran test samples by her and my grandfather to see if they liked them. What's not to like?! So, to this day, when I buy a Clark Bar, I think of good old D. L., Uncle Ed and Grandpa, and what fun they must have had eating their mistakes as the Bolster Bar laid the groundwork for the Clark Bar that we love so much today. Martha from Florida
My family lived over a restaurant when I was growing up. Mother would allow us to go to the restaurant one day each week and get a candy bar from the candy cabinet and the waitress would put it on a tab. I loved the Clark bar and my brother loved the Zagnut bar. We would get one of our bars split it in two pieces and that way I got 1/2 Clark and 1/2 a Zagnut and so did he. My brother is gone now but every time I see a Clark or Zagnut it brings back that wonderful memory of my childhood. Jacqueline from Kentucky
In the late 50's a family friend would walk to our house every Friday night. My three siblings and I knew that she would bring candy bars (which at the time sold for 6 for a quarter) - so we would walk to meet her half way. Then we would dance all around her as we walked back to our house where she would give us each a candy bar!! She never gave us candy bars as we walked - always at the house - but that didn't stop us from hoping!! She also gave one candy bar to each of our parents - so we were one big happy family on Friday nights!! Mary from Minnesota

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Lori


A Well-Enjoyed Gift

My Dad had recently been reminiscing about all the great old time candy bars that he used to enjoy as a kid and could no longer find in stores, so I bought him several Sky Bars and other retro candy he loved for a Christmas gift. He was surprised and very pleased. The only problem is that my mom keeps wanting to eat them, as well. LOL! I'll be buying more in the future. Thank you 'Old Time Candy' for making my dad's gift so special and sweet.


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