Cinnamon Toothpicks - 0.1 oz tube

Cinnamon Toothpicks - 0.1 oz tube


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Cinnamon Toothpicks, do you remember these? Each plastic tube holds about 15 toothpicks which have been soaked in cinnamon for a long lasting flavor.
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Candy Memories

Mmmm, cinnamon toothpicks. One day meeting up with some friends one of them revealed he'd made his own cinnamon toothpicks. We debated his method and the conversation turned to the liquid cinnamon he used not being strong enough.
The leading skeptic was challenged to take a sip of the liquid cinnamon. He agreed. Bad move. His face turned red and he ran for the water fountain. We followed and as he drank the water a small cloud of smoke (steam?) left his mouth. It was the coolest thing we'd ever seen but no one was willing to repeat the experiment. Jonathon from Texas
Mine are hot summer days in 1963...folding and delivering newspapers in a red wagon with my brother Eric on French island in LaCrosse, WI. His route took us by our favorite stop, Statt's Candy store. It was run by two elderly women and the store was also a little library and a clothing repair shop..Eric always stopped in to deliver their paper and I browsed the shelves of penny candy dreaming I could get one of each! Eric would always buy a package of Cinnamon toothpicks and a package of Sen Sen and shared them with me.What HUGE licorice flavor in a such a teeny speck of candy and cinnamon stick of wood. LOVED them! We lost Eric in the Vietnam war in 1971 but every time I see these little packages advertised or for sale I am immediately taken back to those happy summer days that I shared with my brother and our favorite flavors. Sandra from Wisconsin
When i smell something with cinnamon in it i go back in time to the 60's. Going to the movies with my sister and 2 of our cousins every Saturday and we each had .50 cents to spend on candy. We'd buy 10 packs of the cinnamon toothpicks and savor them all wee til the next Saturday. We thought it was so cool to walk around with those toothpicks hanging out our lips. We'd chew so many that our lips would be cracked on the ends of our mouths but we continued. To this day when i smell cinnamon i think back on the good times with family and it always included candy of some kind. Beth from Mississippi

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: elizabeth


hot hot hot

bought these when i was younger. hotter than i remember, but loved them.


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