Charms Sweet Pops

Charms Sweet Pops - 1 assorted flavor


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Product Details

Charms Sweet Pops come in 6 fruit flavors: orange, grape, cherry, strawberry, blue razz and watermelon. You are purchasing one random flavor. If ordering more than one we will mix up the flavors.
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Charms Candy

Candy Memories

Charms candy suckers were the very best treat to purchase when I went to the Saturday afternoon movies as a child of the 1950's; movie admission was 10 cents, and the suckers only cost 5 cents! Grape was my favorite flavor, and if I licked it slowly, it would last the whole movie! Sometimes I would decide beforehand that I was going to choose something different, like popcorn, but when I got to the counter and saw those huge suckers, I just had to have one! Emily from Tennessee
As a boy, my best friend and I used our paperboy earnings to visit the local drugstore. We spent a lot of time looking at all the different candies and always came away with at least one Charms sucker, preferably cherry (along with the 10 cent comics and 25 cent balsa gliders). We'd dip the suckers in a glass of water before putting them in our mouth to make them taste better. At least it seemed to us that they tasted better after that water dip! Bill from Virginia
From the time I was ten my friends and I would walk almost everyday a mile to the only store near our house to get candy. A huge group of giggly girls descending upon the poor man running the little country store. I would always get three giant charms pops cherry, lime and grape. There was nothing better than the sweet tart taste of those suckers. I would eat one on the way home, one at school the next day and save one for the afternoon walk home. Such great memories of simpler times picking wildflowers and clovers. Finding beautiful leaves along the way in fall. Enjoying talks with your friends and being sharing candies we loved. Miriam from Georgia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Sarah


Sweet Pops

Some flavors have the oldtime taste and others don't. The grape is OK, but cherry is not good at all.


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