Charleston Chews - vanilla - 1.875 oz bar

Charleston Chews - vanilla - 1.875 oz bar

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Product Details

Charleston Chews are a chewy vanilla flavored nougat candy bar with a delicious chocolate coating.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

Whenever I was lucky enough to find or earn fifteen cents, I would walk down to the corner store and buy myself a Charleston Chew and eat it on the walk home. This was about a mile from my house. No one ever knew, except for me and the cashier. :-) The store is called Calise's and is one of the few local businesses still standing in my hometown, some 40 years later. Carolyn from Conneticut
Grew up poor. Would have to go bottling to get enough money to buy a bar. Would put it in the ice box. Did not freeze it, but made it nice and chewy. Making it last longer. Just so good. Zane from Maine
The first time I ever had a Charleston Chew bar I was about 9 years old and my older brother told me that the best way to eat it was after it was frozen. We put it in the freezer and waited. Once it was frozen my brother took it out and I was excited and couldn't wait to eat it. Instead of unwrapping it and splitting it with me he pulled out a hammer and smashed it into bits!! I cried why did you kill my candy bar??!! But then he opened the wrapper and gave me the yummy bits and chunks of this crunchy sweet delicious candy. Paulette from Illinois

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