Charleston Chews - vanilla - 1.875 oz - box of 24

Charleston Chews - vanilla - 1.875 oz - box of 24

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Product Details

Charleston Chews are a chewy vanilla flavored nougat candy bar with a delicious chocolate coating.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

Being a rotund, only child, candy was more or less a friend back then. I remember riding my bike after school (banana seat and basket of course!) to a local candy store to get a Charleston Chew every day. But, I wouldn't eat it right away... Oh, noooo!!!
I'd put it in the freezer and wait while I did my homework. When I was done with the homework and thought the bar was cold enough I'd take it out of the freezer and crack it against the kitchen counter!!
Instead of having one long bar, I'd have a hundred little pieces. The frozen nougat would melt in my mouth slowly and I'd have it for my whole afternoon of cartoon watching! Denise from Florida
My friends and I walked to the dime store at least once a week during the summer, soggy dollar bills jammed in our pockets. Once we got there, we would spend up to half an hour filling the little baskets from the selection of penny, nickel, and dime candy in bins at the front of the store- Laffy Taffy, Ice Cubes, Hershey Miniatures, Pop Rocks, candy buttons on long strips of paper-the choices were endless! The one thing I always bought, however, was a Charleston Chew; that long bar was a deal. While we all started eating candy on the way home, but my Chew always made it home and went straight in the freezer. The big moment came after dinner when it came out and got whacked against the kitchen counter. That handful of frozen pieces ensured I had a feast for the night, grabbing a chunk between rounds of Ghost in the Graveyard or Freeze Tag. Shannon from Indiana
It was summer after 4th or 5th grade. I was lucky enough to be walking/biking distance from two different convenience stores. We went to one of the stores, where I was planning to buy baseball cards (oh, that gum!), when my friend asked if I'd ever had a frozen Charleston Chew. I think it took me a good half a minute to process what I'd just heard. I had to try this amazing confectionary concept. I bought a chocolate Charleston Chew and flew home on my bike to get it into the freezer. The next day, I was treated to the cold, brittle-yet-tacky deliciousness of that frozen chocolate goo. I've preferred them frozen ever since. Alex from Kansas

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